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Modern Office

Make your place, the hip place to be.

At Any Venue, Visitors demand Internet, Power, and PRIVACY.

Our Latest Demo

Solving the Privacy Problem

SHUSHBOOTH takes a Retro idea into the Modern World.

The concept of an isolated place to talk on the phone without being heard and removing the noisy world around us started with the advent of the Phone Booth. 

Now we are even more mobile.  Business is faster. 

Jumping into a private area immediately to take a call, Zoom meeting, or Teams event is paramount for business and for learning.


Attract and Retain Customers

Whether you are a new establishment or an existing establishment, it is constant work to attract and retain customers.  Competition is fierce and every establishment wants to be recognized as the place to be!  People love places to get together and see other like-minded people but with that comes noise and intrusion.  Shushbooth offers a Fresh Modern solution to attract and retain customers.   


With our IOS, Android, and Web Shushbooth Locator App, your customers and New customers will recognize your place as a Shushbooth Partner and the benefits of the Shushbooth Community!

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