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Shushbooth Models
Shushbooths come in three sizes: 
Single Small
Single Large

Shushbooths are movable private spaces designed with a Sleek, Modern Look. They are constructed with a steel frame for durability and tempered glass on the front and back for comfort. Power outlets, lighting, and ventilation fans are standard. Soundproofing design reduces noise by approximately 20dB.  

office single wh 5.jpg
office single wh 4.jpg

Dimensions: approx.  7.5' x 3.5' x 3.5'
The perfect booth for high-volume "in and out" traffic.  Equipped with or without a  stool, this booth is great for complete privacy for a quick cell, Zoom, or Teams call for a few minutes to an hour. Only occupies the space of a small table!

Dimensions: approx.  7.5' x 4.5' x 4'

This LARGER single user booth is perfect where users need more time for privacy and to concentrate such as in an office or library.  Users may reserve their space for hours. 

office single large wh 3.jpg
office large wh.jpg
double music wh no cm.jpg
office double wh 8.jpg



Dimensions: approx.  7.5' x 6' x 5'


This booth has many functions! For those  who do business with clients in public areas, this booth provides the security of not being overheard by people around. Its also perfect for study groups or musicians to need a space without disturbing anyone. 

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